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Do You Want?

every star and planet has an owner. 
first come, first serve.
something that has never been offered since the days of the first Prophet Adam to the last Prophet Muhammad. I once wrote on a WordPress blog about ten years ago. comment to blog friends on WordPress.

earth, planet earth or Adam earth is a pilot project of life in the entire universe. a pilot project that almost failed because of the apocalypse. Judgment has passed without anyone being a witness. because it only happens in the supernatural. pseudo realm, the virtual realm, which is the realm of reality.

mortal and baqa realm coincide overlapping. one but two. can be described as a two-eyed sword. supernatural realms and real are the same and similar.

We as Adam's children and grandchildren have the right to choose which planets or stars as property rights. each person is entitled to at least one star or planet, depending on hard work and efforts to achieve the true human identity. There is no maximum limit on how much is earned.


the beliefs of the teachings of the Javanese archipelago teaches basic knowledge about the nature of the spirit, learning to know the true papat, limo pancer.

about trinity one is 3. that is, every person has at least 2 twin brothers. some are still in the form of spirit, some are already living as other people of the same era. twin brother kakang kawah adi ari ari

sedulur papat, pancer limo will be known after the first level or level 5 identity is reached by meditation or other ritual practices. please contact the blog admin for more information on how to get to know pul sedulur, pancer limo and ritual procedures for how to quickly reach your identity. level 9 perfect humans have 20 twin brothers: ha na ca ra ka, da ta sa wa la, pa dha ja ya nya, ma ga ba tha nga.

level 6 is to know the little devil - the devil.
level 7 is makrifat know pancer, god himself.
level 8 is reached eternity.
level 9 knows the Antichrist (dajjal) or the big devil.
return to level 0., not 0 empty but 0 which contains full. can be represented by a zero or a full black circle, not an empty zero (number 0).

if analogous can be written as digital code 111001101000111 and so on.
0 is an empty number,
1 is a number containing.

every human has this digital code, which is the date of birth and in this millennial era, our digital code is the cell phone number. if you still frequently change numbers, it means you don't have a clear identity.

if you have seen the Stellarium application, you will also know that each star or planet has been given a number code.

the first race is the claim of the owner of planet earth or planet earth, are you Adam or Eve?
then in a sequence who is your identity whether Idris, Noah, Ibrahim, Musa, or Isa? there are 25 names of prophets. and 125,000 names of other prophets are not required to be known. that's the trustees and caliphs who were sent to carry out the mandate to maintain survival on earth. who is your true identity?

Latter-day humans have at least once lived in the past. and the second life now. many people live eternally only by changing souls to be rediscovered as babies and to live as new people who forget their own identity.
to realize identity : sinau jowo

enter the door of the makrifat and you will get a star!

(translate by: kebun teh)


Apakah Kamu Mau?

Tiap bintang atau Planet mempunyai pemilik, yaitu ruh yang tinggal dan hidup menjadi nyawa bagi setiap bintang atau planet. Ruh dari bintang-bintang dan Planet-planet saat ini hidup sebagaimana biasa manusia bumi, hidup, makan dan beranak-pinak.

Kesadaran jatidiri tertinggi akan tahu mana bintang atau planet anda.

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